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Transforming Touch

A series of interactive, shape changing, and kinetic textiles. This series transforms household lighting into a colourful and tactile play experience.


The idea for the Transforming Touch Lighting series developed from research on the benefits of sensory play for adults.  Questioning how to transform mundane and commonplace lighting into a new and fun interaction, Transforming Touch redefines the traditional cold and rigid materials used in lighting technologies.  Transforming Touch instead reimagines lighting materials as something soft, fluid and responsive.


When touched, the pieces expand and illuminate, exposing an exciting variety of colours or changing shape as it transforms.  The pieces combine industrially knit fabric with inflatable structures, touch sensors and LED lights to allow the work to playfully transform in response to the viewer’s touch. The soft, plush rim of the lighting acts as a switch.  When squished, squeezed, poked or stroked the light activates and moves. The inner portion of the light is made of a rubber inflatable that enables the lighting to change shape.


The lighting comes in two forms, as a wall mounted light or as a table light.  The forms of the lighting series are reminiscent of children’s play blocks, utilizing bold geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares and circles.  Bold shades of soft cotton/silk yarns are utilized to inspire a playful interaction from users.

Transforming Touch calls attention to how we touch and interact with the technologies within our homes. The series goes back to the power of textiles as tactile objects. Knitting is a powerful medium because it has a strong sense of familiarity and coziness while also having the unique ability to stretch. Usually knit fabrics are worn on the body, but this collection explores the idea of using knit to soften our living environments and the technology within our environments. Textiles and technology come together harmoniously to transform our interactions and experiences with lighting within the home.

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