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Bas Trainer 

“What if textiles could move?” Creating shape-changing knits through experimentation, with applications that showcase the benefit of textiles that can accommodate multiple states of movement.


This collaborative project investigates the potential of textile actuators, or “textuators”.  These actuators can have huge implications for a wide range of soft and semi-soft products, including apparel, sports gear, medical wearables, and architecture. The goal of this project was to create shape-changing textiles and demonstrate their potential through new applications.

Bas is a bistable automatic shoe, that snaps onto the foot when the user steps onto the sole and releases open when a trigger is pulled. This concept utilizes the stretchy qualities of knit and the dynamic abilities of Stoll knitting software. Bas creates new gestures for putting on/taking off shoes, making the design accessible to less able bodied wearers. 

This was a collaborative project created by Yvonne Hung, an Innovation Design Engineer where I worked as a knit development consultant. 

To see more of Yvonne's work please visit:




Stoll Knit-Upper Development 



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