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Jumpsec is a cyber security company based in London. Jumpsec focuses on tailored security solutions and keeps people at the heart of the company. Jumpsec digital communications focus on demystifying cyber security for their customers. 

While working as a Digital Designer for Jumpsec I worked on web designs, white paper designs, brochure designs, video editing for social media, and email designs. 

I utilised the following tools in this role:

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Figma

  • Canva

  • Photography/Videography

  • Mailchimp 

  • Wordpress 

  • Basic HTML/CSS

Web Design


Brochures and White Papers

JUMPSEC brochure.jpg

Video Editing



Merchandise Designs

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