Invicci Property Investment

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Invicci is a property investment company that developed a calculator that allows you to determine the overall costs, yield and mortgage applicability on properties. The tool was determined to be difficult to use and hard to get users to sign up to the site. The original site was geared toward experience investors, but novice users were determined to be more likely to sign up to the site. Busy working professionals needed an easy, time-efficient way to access reliable and trustworthy calculations across all their current and potential property investments. 


Our goals were to create a more streamlined design, with a mobile friendly version for users on the go. We also added value to signing up by creating a dashboard for users to track and store all their searches and calculations for various properties. 
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User Journey Map

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User Persona

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Usability Flow

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Desktop Prototype

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Mobile Prototype

Prototype Feedback

"As a first time user I like to be guided through a site, and I feel this site does that well"

"The charts are easy to understand for anyone. The colours help show whats good or bad"

"The homepage makes me feel confident in using it for my property investments"

"I really like the idea that all my property information and searches are in one place"